Henna / Glitter Tattoos

Looking for something for all ages?  Glitter tattoos are the hottest new thing!  If you have a mixed age group party – it’s a great way to include adults into the fun.  Glitter tattoos are small, sparkly, last a few days, and can be removed with alcohol.  The glitter tattoos are great for pool parties.

IMG_4691 IMG_4663 IMG_5022 IMG_2182 IMG_2032 IMG_1794 IMG_1668 IMG_1613 IMG_1595 IMG_1392 IMG_1121 dragon in Henna Henna flowers with bling fairy tattoo in henna detailed heart henna tattoo hummingbird glitter tattoo open butterfly glitter tattoo water proof, glitter tattoo - purple rosebud sexy - water proof glitter tattoo

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Henna / Glitter Tatoos

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